Basic accessory set

Windshield protection shield

Item-ID CZ-101

Bungee cord with S-hooks, 2 Pieces

Item-ID CZ-102

Telescopic hood props, 2 Pieces

Item-ID CZ-103

Metal chain with S-hooks and O-rings

Item-ID CZ-104

Hammer, 200 g

Item-ID CZ-105

Hail lever

Item-ID CZ-106

Nylon tips, 4 Pieces

Item-ID CZ-107, Ø 11 mm

Nylon tips , 3 Pieces

Item-ID CZ-108, Ø 10 mm

Wax sticks, 4 Pieces

Item-ID CZ-111

Teflon striking tool, 3 Pieces

Item-ID CZ-112

Window wedge

Item-ID CZ-113

C4 Wax protection compound (incl. tube 40 cm)

Item-ID CZ-117

Fabric tape

Item-ID CZ-119

2000 grit finishing block, incl. container

Item-ID CZ-120

Special finishing cloth

Item-ID CZ-123

Boom light

Item-ID CZ-126 (incl. in CBS-001, CPS-005 und CXL-006)

Dent Removal Lamp

Item-ID CZ-160 (incl. in CBS-002, CPS-006 und CXL-007)

CARBON tool case

Item-ID CZ-128

CARBON accessories case

Item-ID CZ-129

Stool, height adjustable

Item-ID CZ-130 (incl. in Profi- and XL-Profi-Set)