The Miracle repair concept

Over 750 parts for more ergonomics and efficiency

Compiled with our many years of experience as car body professionals and the feedback from more than 1,850 Miracle partner companies, the Miracle Panel Repair System is the ideal basis for the car body skin repair of steel and aluminum.


No part too much - no part too little!

 The basis of the Miracle complete workplace is the Miracle system wagon CM-019 with 12 high-quality pulling tools and over 500 accessories.

The Miracle Repair Concept for Steel

Time saving in car body skin repair
Properly repair according to the manufacturer 's specifications
With 1950 partner companies the leading repair concept in Germany

Back to the craft, back to more return!

The Miracle system is far more than just a dent removal device. Miracle is a completely new repair philosophy, which will completely change your way of working. You will repair better and faster than ever before.



  • Higher repair quality. More yield.

    Falling margins on your spare parts? Schedule for replacing bodywork parts too tight? With Miracle you can sell your working hours profitably and increase your yield - sustainable, guaranteed!

  • More orders, better utilization

    40 percent of all damages are now fictitiously billed. Self-inflicted damage and customers from segments II and III pass by you? With Miracle you get these orders. Convinve your customers with good prices and repair skills!

  • Extremely fast amortization

    Invest in where the yield is highest - in body repair. In the daily business, Miracle refinances itself in a minimum of time. With only 10, - Euro per working day you earn money from the first day.

  • Miracle Marketing Package: Benefit from networks

    With the thought-out Miracle marketing package, you position yourself in your region as a competent specialist for body repair. More than 1,850 Miracle partner companies already benefit from their Miracle expertise with insurers, damage control companies and their customers.

  • Faster in paint preparation

    Less effort in spatula and filler work, since the affected area is kept very small and a very good surface can be achieved with the system.

  • Original remains original

    The gentle repair with Miracle leaves the car body structure untouched. The material structure and the factory-side corrosion protection are largely retained through the low action of heat. Through Miracle, vehicle, customer and workshop benefit equally.

  • Unreached high quality of repair

    70% of all damages are Miracle damages. Recommended and approved by all leading automotive manufacturers. Excellent acceptance among motor vehicle insurers, associations and expert organizations.

  • Save 60% and more working time

    With the 12! perfectly coordinated tool components, you will be able to quickly repair damage to almost every part of the bodywork. Maximum ergonomics and light weight ensure easy handling and fatigue-free work.