Plastic Repair

Professional repair, instead of parts exchange...

The car plastic repair kit consists of the powerful, electronically controlled professional hot air blower HG 2320 E and all necessary accessories. For all thermoplastic parts on vehicles, such as PP, PP-EPDM, PE, PC or ABS.

Item-ID 348366

The advantages at a glance

  • Perfect for repairing cracks, breaks and deep scratches in plastic parts, such as bumpers, trim elements and other ancillaries
  • A welding wire for all plastics
  • No expensive testing of the plastic type
  • Temperature / air quantity combinations can be stored on the device depending on the application
  • Finished in 30 - 60 minutes
  • Material costs less than 5 € per repair
  • Immediately ready for filling and painting
  • Extremely durable and TÜV tested

Scope of delivery 348366

Quantity Item-ID Description
1x 348311 Hot air gun HG 2310 LCD
1x 070601 Reduction nozzle 9 mm
1x 561000 Vehicle repair nozzle, large
1x Automotive welding shoe
1x 076665 Temperature guard
1x 076467 EEA/EVA Multi-Thermoflex welding rod, 220 PB, 10 pcs
1x 076566 Stainless steel wire mesh,150 x 115 PB, 5 pieces
1x Manual / CD-ROM
1x Case