New vehicle, side panel

Repair of the side panel

The side panel of this Audi A5, which was only four weeks old at the time of the accident, was to be repaired as carefully as possible. A replacement of the side panel would have had a massive impact on the vehicle's structure resulting in a heavy reduction in value. 

Using the Miracle adhesive technique (2) and the AiroPower pneumatic press, the deformation could be largely eliminated in a short time.

The surface was straightened out using the Strong-Puller (4). The Miracle Easy-Puller (5) allows the service personnel to straighten out the panel perfectly in a controlled manner with high precision, so that only UV-Filler needs to be applied for paintwork preparation. 

The result: A sensational finish.

Thanks to the minimally invasive MIRACLE Repair, the body structure and ex-works corrosion protection remain fully intact.